VTOP AV202-B USB Audio Graber, Audio Capture Recorder - Cassette Tape to MP3 CD Converter

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Purchase Guidance:

■ The device is an audio capture which Does NOT have amplifier and mixer function
■ DO NOT connect a turntable directly to your computer
■ DO NOT plug stereo equipment into your computer’s “microphone” port.
■ Legal Notice: Does Not supports any copy-right protected audio copy!


    - V.TOP USB Audio Grabber, Audio Capture Recorder Music Digitizer Device
    - Transfer Analogue Audio (Old Cassette Tapes,Pre Amplifier Vinyl Turntable LPs, FM Radio, Boombox, Minidisc) to USB PC Mac into MP3 CD

    The USB 2.0 Audio Capture Card Device provides users an easy solution to digitize analogue audio feed into digital format via USB interface. You can easily to use the USB Audio Grabber to convert old cassettes, old tapes and LPs, CD/DVD player, computers, tablets , musical keyboards, Hi-Fi system, MP3 players to USB and save the recorded audio feeds into digital files.

    usb audio capture card recorder usb 2.0 audio grabber vinyl audio cassette tape to mp3 cd pc mac

    - Great Tool to Capture and Edit Stereo Audio to Digital Format on your Computer Before Transfer to iPod or iPhone or other Portable Audio Players.


    music digitizer walkman cassette player to mp3 cd converter lp vinyl turntable to mp3 stereo auido
    Analog Audio to Digital Converter
    Old Cassette and FM Radio Music, Audio Files are not easy to Collect. The VTOP USB Audio Capture can help you out from this situation.
    • Transfer CD Player/ Mobile Music Media to PC,Mac, USB
    • Convert all old cassettes Tapes from the Hi-Fi into MP3
    • Convert your stereo FM Raido to MP3, Wav formats



    audacity software walkman minidisc to mp3 analog to digital  audio source into amp phono converter
    3.5mm + R/L Stereo Audio Music Digitizer

    Easily Capture Audio from FM Radio ,Cassette, Boombox, Pre amp Stereo Turntable USB /Mobile music to pc mac
    • Save in mp3 and wav formats
    • Standard aux and right-left inputs
    • Works with any audio playback device



    Quick Installation Guide:

    Software & Manual Download 】
    VTOP AV202 FAQ 】


    • Cassette Tape to MP3 CD - Easily Transfer Old Cassette tape from Boombox Walkman Cassette to MP3 Digital Formats
    • Minidisc Player to MP3 - Digitize Music Audio Files via Walkman MD Player from Analog Audio to Digital Formats
    • AM FM Radio Audio Digitizer - Ideal for Collect your favorite live in Music Audio from AM FM Radio to MP3 Wav via 3.5mm Jack
    • RCA R/L Audio to Digital - Safe to Convert Audio Sources from RCA(R/L) Component Device Player to MP3 PC Mac

    VTOP vhs to digital converter vhs to dvd converter audio grabber audio capture recorder transfer vhs to pc hi 8 to pc analog vhs recorder vhs dvd recorder


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    The VTOP AV202-B USB Audio Graber, Audio Capture Recorder - Cassette Tape to MP3 CD Converter is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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